Sea Shore Serving Board


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Custom.  One of a Kind serving board.


This amazing board makes you feel like you are at the ocean.  A generous sized, unique board, crafted from a hand selected, hefty piece of Claro Walnut and finished with layers of epoxy of varying translucence to simulate the inrush of water washing up on a beach.  Within the epoxy are shells picked up by family on the beach. It truly looks as though you are looking into the ocean.

Wood used:  Claro Walnut.  This wood is an important American exotic tree native to the upper Sacramento River basin and known for its deep rich color and intense graining.


Special details:

  • Handcrafted and food safe.
  • Made of hand selected exotic Claro Walnut, FDA Food Grade Compliant Epoxy, and food safe finishes.
  • Distinctive woods. But we NEVER use endangered species.
  • Process:  Wood is precision cut to size and placed in custom made mold.  This board required four epoxy pours to provide depth and allow shells to sit at different heights. First layer poured with tan pigment to simulate the ocean floor.  Shells added, then another layer of epoxy with ghost pigment was poured. More shells added, then a third pour of epoxy with even less pigment. Final shells added and a fourth layer of almost clear epoxy poured.  Each layer required 18 hours to cure before proceeding. Each layer also required the removal of micro air bubbles during the four hours.  Board removed from mold and left to cure four additional days.  Then the important process of finishing:  board trimmed, sanded, polished, and sealed with food safe finishes.
  • The entire process took approximately 12 days to complete.
  • 17.75” x 9.75 x 1.25”.
  • For serving or decorative purposes only. Knives or sharp utensils should not be used on this board.
  • NOT dishwasher safe.

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