Trout Stream Serving Board


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Custom. One of a Kind serving board.

This incredible board was crafted with warm Cherry live edge wood and a strip of blue shimmering epoxy down the center with river rocks, to create the appearance of a river. To achieve this, the epoxy was applied in several layers and of varying translucence, which allowed Gregg to place the rocks at different heights and to give the appearance of depth.   You can see the live edge through the epoxy. It has the effect of looking into a body of water and seeing the rocks on the bottom!


Special details:

  • Handcrafted and food safe.
  • Made of Live edge cherry wood, river rocks collected in Connecticut and FDA Food Grade Compliant Epoxy.
  • Finished with four coats of wax finish that resists liquids and is safe for humans, animals, and plants.
  • Process: Wood cut to size and placed in custom mold. Five+ layers of epoxy poured with 24 hours between pours. Each layer of epoxy was made more translucent. It then sits for six days to fully cure. Last steps include trimming to size and the important process of a series of sandings and make this beautiful board safe to use with food.
  • The entire process took approximately 12 days to complete.
  • Finished size 15.5” x 9.75”x 1.25”.
  • For serving only. Knives or sharp utensils should not be used on this board.


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