Red Walnut Charcuterie


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One of a Kind. Two boards in one. Serving and Cutting board.


This gorgeous board is great for serving and preparation tasks. The simplicity in design makes way for the distinctive hardwoods to do the all the talking.


The woods used include.
Redheart. An exotic tropical hardwood, pink to red in color with a fine, even texture.
Walnut. Strong, high-grade hardwood, dark rich brown color, fine and straight grain.
Maple. Strong, high-grade hardwood, creamy color sometimes with a reddish or golden hue, smooth grain.


Special details:
• Handcrafted and food safe.
• Distinctive woods. But we NEVER use endangered species.
• Treated with 12 coats of food safe mineral oils, Howard conditioner, and wax to protect the wood.
• Process: Woods are precision cut and assembled. Board is shaped, hole for hanging cut, edges rounded, finishes applied over several days.
• Finished size: generous 19.75” x 9.5”x .5”.
• Future light touchup with Howard Conditioner is recommended.
• Do not soak in water. NOT dishwasher safe.
• Clean with a damp cloth and renew the conditioner whenever the wood looks “dry”

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