Claro Seafoam Serving Board


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Custom.  One of a Kind serving board.

Live edge Claro Walnut combined with epoxies in shades of soft seafoam and pearl white to create a unique shimmering effect.  Claro Walnut is an American exotic tree native to the upper Sacramento River basin and known for its deep rich color and intense graining.  The wood is precision cut to showcase its live edge and rich features.  The epoxy is carefully poured in layers to create the dramatic  effect of the pearl mixed within the green.  The contrast of the wood with the pearlized epoxy is striking.  You can see the live edge through the epoxy.


Special details:

  • Handcrafted and food safe.
  • Distinctive woods. But we NEVER use endangered species.
  • Made of Live edge Claro Walnut wood and FDA Food Grade Compliant Epoxy.
  • Finished with 4 coats of wax finish that resists liquids and is safe for humans, animals, and plants.
  • Process: Wood is precision cut  to size and placed in custom mold. Three layers of epoxy are carefully poured with 24 hours between pours.   It then sits for six days to fully cure. Last steps include trimming to size and the important process of a series of sandings and make this beautiful board safe to use with food.
  • The entire process took 10 days to complete.
  • Generous 17.75” x 10”x 1.5”.
  • For serving only. Knives or sharp utensils should not be used on this board.

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